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"My images are time pieces, stolen moments caught on the run, or forever be lost in time. I am a photographic archaeologist, bringing forgotten emotions to light."

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I embark daily on treasure hunts for that one visual gem - the serenity of the late afternoon sun, a fleeting glimpse, the comfort of small things - those  moments overlooked in the haste of our everyday. My nostalgic urban view reflects the lifelong influence of painter Edward Hopper, who still has much to express, and a sensitivity for Cartier-Bresson's decisive moment. There is beauty in an abandoned lot, graffiti on a ragged wall, or a street vendor's weathered face.

Join me on my hunt for one-of-a-kind images; Life Magazine-style street photos, bejeweled cityscapes, and the Noir that remains forever in the soul of New York - Gotham City at its finest.   -   Miriam Danar

I'm Harvey Gabor.  I've had a 40-plus year career as an art director and creative director in advertising and I've worked with all the big talents in photography.  I've followed photography to this day.  All pretty good. Then I ran into Miriam Danar.  Her stuff is the freshest work I've seen since my career began.  Her color is realistic and looks like quartz glass.  Fresh, beautiful.  New.

Miriam. I've used dozens of photographers in my torturous career. Bert Stern, Harold Becker, Irving Penn, Steve Horn, and all the rest. I think you're up there with them. You're just as good and the next generation. (Never bullshit anybody about talent.)

                                                                                    Harvey Gabor, Legendary Art Director - Advertising Hall of Fame for "I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke (The First United Chorus of the World)" - without you, Harvey, "Mad Men" would not have had the spectacular ending that it did!

In discovering your website, I was immediately drawn to your photography. Your images are superb; each photo reminds me of a LIFE Magazine rendition. Your work would look outstanding in any book, and I would encourage you to get one printed. In fact, your work demands it.  Carlos Diaz, Photographer

Miriam seems to naturally - almost spontaneously - identify with her environment, the challenging and dynamic city of New York. Her creative use of natural light combined with stunning shadows has become her artistic signature. Most appealing are the spontaneous street scenes, candid images frequently suffused, paradoxically, in a deep, mysterious Noir. She sees her city as one who knows its soul; its inner workings, and its subtle architecture – that of steel and stone, and of flesh and bone, easily capturing those who walk, live and cry on its streets. In all, I believe Miriam creates what Ansel Adams once defined as a “true photograph.”  -  Richard A. Johnson, Photographer

Love love love love love! Pretty close to a timeless piece of work. On the Town - Fleet Week in New York City   Matt Allen, Photographer, UK

Never seen a faster evolution from good stylized work to great pure photography. Your whimsical stuff is grand artistic metaphor, but the newer raw Danar speaks truth clearly with passion and a NY grit that never overpowers the subject. You have found your balance and Vivian Maier is not in your league. She was merely documenting and at best a curiosity while you have become a photographer and story teller. Fred Lyon comes to mind, only your beat is NYC.

This site features work that is exciting and beautiful and inviting and inspiring. It is at its core, art. It amuses and excites and pleases, and leaves one full of that energy after a great meal for the soul. I am in awe. Your stuff is fresh and classic, and more. You remind the rest of us through your art that perfection of joy can be had. The world needs this art, badly. Well done, indeed. -  S. Modiano, Author

Miriam Danar has a way of capturing the Apple at its most evocative. She captures something essential in this town's thrumming energy and variegation. Gregory Levine, Lauded Thespian and Citizen of Gotham

You have so many great photos in a variety of styles, but this could be one of your best - the luminosity, creativity, color and perfect sense of time and place. Very much the work of a brilliant photographer/artist.   Corner in the Rain - The Lights of New York    -   Steve Breslow, Leader, Urban Images Group at Fine Art America, Fine Artist and Photographer

Among the many photographic works from the large number of artists worldwide that I've seen online, Miriam's photography is among my most favorite. Her work brings out the emotion and sensations of our modern urban daily life, accompanied by thought and reflection that bridges our current-day exhaustion into a world of future wonders; a view that reaches beyond the lens. It is a zoom with a direct focus, a lens more acute than our five senses, senses which can overlook a captivating subject - one we might pass by, in our numbed way ... As I looked through her images, I felt I was reading 'People' magazine or the 'New York Times', each shot involving the viewer - all thought-provoking and worthy of remembering.  -  Fei A., Photographic Artist

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