nyc photos by miriam danar: times square, street, noir, futurism

Oldtime urban street noir, romantic Gotham mood, and extreme-edited futurist cityscapes in glittering color. 

Welcome to Focal Point Photography: A comprehensive view of New York City; where artistic license meets traditional street.

Avenues, icons, and people that say, "I AM New York." 

Spicy street, moody Noir, crystal cityscapes and a touch of Fauve to kick it up.

Crystalline jewels of light and moody Noir both make up my personal Metropolis - two sides of the same coin, spinning on its edge, mesmerizing denizen and visitor, alike. Join me on my hunt for one-of-a-kind images; Life Magazine-style street photos, bejeweled cityscapes, and the Noir that remains forever in the soul of New York - Gotham City at its finest.


Harvey Gabor, Legendary Art Director - Advertising Hall of Fame for "Iā€™d Like to Buy the World a Coke (The First United Chorus of the World)" - without you, Harvey, "Mad Men" would not have had the spectacular ending that it did!

I'm Harvey Gabor.  I've had a 40-plus year career as an art director and creative director in advertising and I've worked with all the big talents in photography.  I've followed photography to this day.  All pretty good. Then I ran into Miriam Danar.  Her stuff is the freshest work I've seen since my career began.  Her color is realistic and looks like quartz glass.  Fresh, beautiful.  New. 

Miriam. I've used dozens of photographers in my torturous career. Bert Stern, Harold Becker, Irving Penn, Steve Horn, and all the rest. I think you're up there with them. You're just as good and the next generation. (Never bullshit anybody about talent.)

Breaking News:

My first short film, "Manhattan Montage," won Top Music Video on Aug. 29, 2017 at The New York Jazz Film Festival. Editor, Director: R. Christian Anderson. Music: Pat Thomi

"Manhattan Montage" also garnered Semi-Finalist at the Short Cut Film Festival 2017 in Serbia.

"On the Bus" showcased in Female Artists, a gallery dedicated to "shining a light on the brilliant and complicated lives of women artists." ā€“ August 6-12, 2017

"Love. Keep." was chosen as Gallery Selection for the Street Photography Vivian Maier Inspired gallery on July 30, 2017.

Published, Edge of Humanity Magazine: B&W Street Photography Essay ā€“ New York City, USA - Sept. 8, 2015

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